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Yogscast Twitch streamer 'SquidGame' banned on Instagram after Netflix's Squid Game fans attack her

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Amouranth Receives Fifth Ban From Twitch

The leak suggests that Amazon and Twitch would be collaborating in integrating the streaming platform into games that utilize Vapor.

  • It seems to be a bit of a moving target, which Quqco found out the hard way.

  • MrGolds Cheats on Stream One thing all of us can agree on is that nobody likes a cheater.

Amouranth has been banned from Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok

From the deserved, to the questionable, to the downright silly, here are some of the many bans that Twitch has issued in 2020.

  • In a shared to her YouTube channel today, she talked about the situation and said that she still doesn't know why Twitch opted to boot her from the platform.

  • That would be pretty big news on its own, but the kicker here is that most people still have no idea why it happened.