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I'm fundraising because I love someone with a kidney condition

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Hi everyone, It’s time do the Big Kidney Walk again, hope you can sponsor Brendan and myself on this special day. This cause is very close to our heart, as son in-law Brendan has NO Kidneys and relies on dialysis 3 days a week. The kidney foundation supports him in many ways. Your donation may contribute to new technology and things like the Big Red Bus which gives people on dialysis a break from their everyday life. Let’s hope new technology in the future will help people like Brendan to have artificial kidneys. DONATION can be a money contribution or seriously think of donating your organs and sign on to the register. People think it’s on their license NO! You need to register with Australian Organ Donor Register, and let your family know. It’s an emotional roller coaster for them, so they need make decisions quickly. As for Brendan he is doing fine, always fighting this battle, his life is busy with dialysis, work and family. On his way to be 5 years cancer free, before Kidney transplant.

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