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Get fundraising

Start your fundraising to support people affected by kidney disease!

Kidney disease is a highly undiagnosed condition; most people are tragically unaware they are affected until it’s too late. 90% of kidney function can be lost without experiencing any symptoms. That’s why we are uniting at the Big Red Kidney Walk to raise awareness and much-needed funds to fight kidney disease.

By stepping out in red and raising funds you will help us support more people suffering the burden of kidney disease.

Fundraising is fun and simple, follow these simple steps:

Set up your fundraising page

Update the wording too if you wish, and share why you’re taking part in this year’s Big Red Kidney Walk. Don't forget to upload a photo too. The more personalised you make your page, the better!

Go to your dashboard

Make a donation to yourself

It might sound silly, but the most successful fundraisers always make a donation to themselves first. It lets people know that you’re serious about raising money for kidney disease, and sets the bar for the average gift amount.

Go to your dashboard

Get the word out

No point building a lovely fundraising page if you don’t show it to anyone, so email your page to friends and family, or simply copy the link and post it to your social media accounts, and ask people to sponsor you.

It’s not as scary as it sounds. People get a kick out of helping out their buddies! Remember, it’s all for a very good cause.

Share on Social Media

Use #BigRedKidneyWalk and your posts will also display on the Big Red Kidney Walk home page

Including us in the conversation can also help spread your message.

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Thank each person for each donation

Nothing makes a person feel more special than when you thank them individually for sponsoring you.

Ask again

Don’t be afraid to send another email or make another Facebook post asking friends and family to help you reach your fundraising goal, especially in September as the event day gets closer. Remember the old saying, if you don’t ask you won’t receive. So don’t be shy and ask again.