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How you're helping

By stepping out in red and raising vital funds, you are helping to support programs which help to improve the quality of life for those affected by the disease such as our Kidney Kids Camp, Big Red Kidney Buses and the Kidney Transplant Houses.

Your fundraising also helps support research into awareness and early detection activities, and supports our education and advocacy programs.

Your fundraising also helps support research into awareness and early detection activities, and supports our education and advocacy programs.

Your small steps will make a BIG difference.

Who you help

  • Children like nine-year-old Harry are able to attend a Kidney Kids Camp and have the chance to be a kid again, while having all his medical needs looked after by professionals.

  • People like 23-year-old Grant, who needs dialysis three times a week, can go on a holiday every once in a while thanks to our mobile dialysis service—the Big Red Kidney Bus.

  • Families like Kylee and her two-year-old son, Max, have a safe, comfortable place to stay that’s close to the hospital and amenities after their kidney transplants.

Together we can combat kidney disease.


help us fund a life-saving call to the Kidney Helpline


help us fund educational resources to prevent as many people as possible suffering kidney disease


help us train health professionals in early diagnoses and recognising early signs of kidney disease


help us cover the running costs of the Big Red Kidney Bus, providing families on holiday dialysis


help us fund the return travel to the Kidney Kids camp for a child with kidney disease


help us cover the cost of a family to stay at the Kidney Transplant House after transplant surgery


help us fund research that could improve treatments and one day find a cure for kidney disease

Kidney Kids Camp

Our Kidney Kids Camp is a safe, fun and life-changing camp designed especially for children with kidney disease and their siblings. At camp, Kidney Kids spend four days away together building confidence and self-esteem through a series of fun peer-networking activities, while laughing and creating new friendships.

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Big Red Kidney Bus

Dialysis--where the blood is extracted and cleaned--can be required up to three or four times a week, and takes hours and hours at a time, which makes going on holiday’s incredibly difficult. Our Big Red Kidney Bus provides a mobile haemodialysis service, allowing those who require haemodialysis the chance to have a holiday whilst still receiving treatment.

The buses travel to popular holiday destinations across Victoria and NSW, where they are located for up to six weeks at a time, staffed by experienced dialysis nurses and renal technicians.

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Transplant Houses

Providing rural and regional kidney transplant patients with secure, comfortable quality accommodation where they can rest and recover from surgery or undergo dialysis training and education.

Our Kidney Transplant Houses offer the opportunity to keep families together, while easing their financial and emotional burden.

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